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Available Services

Full Time Lab and Admin Support

We professionally manage your facility and user experience to provide convenience and ease of use.

Safety Training Management

We offer high-touch safety training management for your employees, managing onboarding, reminders, and renewals so your employees can work safely.

Cold Storage Monitoring

Feel secure knowing that your samples and reagents are safe–Lab Launch monitors cold storage units for temperature fluctuations and power failures, 24/7.

Receiving Services

Our on-site staff will make sure your important shipments are received securely and handled correctly.

Centralized Hazardous Waste Removal

We ensure convenient and affordable hazardous waste removal by centralizing pickups for all members.

Centralized Lab Coat Laundering

Through centralization of lab coat laundering for all companies, we cut down direct costs and alleviate administrative burdens.

After-hours Incident Support 

Our staff are here for you, anytime of day or night. Rest assured, we are here to help–even after-hours.

Integrated Digital Systems

From onboarding to booking resources to making requests, our digital systems are connected in order to streamline your experience.

EH&S Support

Whether crafting initial OSHA plans or onboarding new employees, we provide readily accessible support tailored to your safety requirements.


Our network is at your disposal. Think of us as the concierge at a hotel--we only recommend services,vendors, and mentors that we trust.

Conference Rooms

As a Lab Launch member you have unlimited access to conference rooms with convenient booking via our member portal.

Educational and Social Events

We source experts in subjects that are important to early stage companies like yours and bring them to you. And in-between, we host social events that promote community and collaboration.


We partner with the best service providers and vendors to bring our members discounted access to the resources they need.

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