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Biotech, Climate Change, Social Impact

Biotechnology provides some of the most promising ways to reverse the effects of climate change, but often these technologies are implemented in ways that harm our most vulnerable populations. We strive to do better. By providing hands-on STEM education to students, they can bring accessible, impactful climate change solutions back to economically disadvantaged communities--solutions that benefit these communities as much as the environment at large.

Our Team

Executive Director 


Sara Hammes, MBA, has over 15 years’ experience leading sustainability initiatives in infrastructure development, community engagement, and market development for a range of sustainability solutions including a recent focus on organic residuals management. 

Leadership Team

Marie Rippen, PhD, is COO of LL2, Inc. Formerly CEO of Lab Launch, she developed STEM education opportunities with local organizations and at biotech startups. Her background is in genetic, molecular, and cell biology.

Steve Casper, PhD, is a professor at the Keck Graduate Institute. He is an expert in experiential learning and has organized hundreds of student STEAM projects with life science companies and organizations in Southern California.  

Arye Lipman is a General Partner at MarsBio, a seed stage venture fund investing in deeptech and biotech companies, based in Los Angeles. He holds a degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology from UCLA, and has a background in biotech R&D and drug development, entrepreneurship, and company incubation.

Science Class
Trees and Mountains
Community Garden

Our Projects

Our 2022-2023 project focuses on composting and its myriad benefits to the environment as well as to communities. We will be teaching this accessible, practical use of biotechnology to LA-area high school students. They will learn the science behind composting and its applications as well as how it can benefit their own local communities.


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Planting a Tree
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