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We work closely with our Lab Services clients to develop and operate lab space that addresses your unique needs. We can help you plan, design, and run your own private lab space, shared lab, or full biotech incubator. See some of our clients' spaces below.

While still in concept stage, ULP reached out to Lab Launch to consult on the project. We were involved in all aspects, including interfacing with the architects, participating in permitting discussions, selecting laboratory equipment, designing safety policies, writing standard operating procedures, and training personnel. After less than one year of operation, ULP has over 18 clients, strong partnerships, and a flourishing workforce development program. Lab Launch continues to be a part of ULP's team.


ToolboxLA was a diverse space, encompassing a coworking office, makerspace, event space, and more. Lab Launch partnered with ToolboxLA in 2016 to bring a biotechnology lab into their eclectic mix of coworking spaces, which we did in time for ToolboxLA's Grand Opening in 2017. Mayor Eric Garcetti and State Senator Henry Stern toured the lab. As with many primarily office-based coworking spaces, Toolbox LA unfortunately did not survive the COVID-19 pandemic, but Lab Launch is glad to have provided a home for growing life sciences companies in the San Fernando Valley for as long as we were able.

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