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We serve biotech companies from formation until complete independence.

Our Services

  • Shared Equipment

  • Equipment Maintenance

  • Backup Power

  • Support for up to BSL2+

  • Facilities management

  • Hazardous waste removal

  • Environmental Health and Safety

  • Materials management

  • In-house CRO services

We strive to serve our members' unique needs as they arise. Our staff happily provide assistance and support on an as-needed basis in addition to our listed services. 

How to apply:


Click the "Apply" button at the top or bottom of the page and fill out our online application. A Lab Launch representative will respond to you within 1 week to schedule a Zoom interview or a tour of the facility. After taking a tour, if your company is accepted then we can onboard within about 2 weeks, and sometimes sooner if needed.  

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