Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for my tour of Lab Launch?

Ideally, your head scientist should participate in the tour. It's important to know what kinds of equipment you may want to bring on site, roughly how many hours per week you might need to use a single piece of shared equipment, and what kinds of hazards you are working with. This information allows us to determine not only if we have space for you, but if we can accommodate your processes.

$2,000 seems like a lot for a 9ft by 2ft lab bench. Why are you so expensive?

We bundle services into that fee. The $2,000 covers the lab bench, shared equipment, electricity, WIFI, maintenance, waste disposal, and more. By bundling it all, you can budget according to something predictable, rather than having the price change based on how many times you opened the freezer, for example.

I'm applying for an SBIR grant and they want me to submit a signed lease, but I can't afford lab space until I get the grant. Can you help?

Yes, we can offer agreements that are contingent upon receipt of a grant, though depending on our capacity they may have an expiration date of 6 or 3 months from the time of signing. If we still have capacity when the agreement expires you can renew.

My university lets me use my lab space to work on company-related R&D. Why would I want to pay for another lab?

You might be fine where you are! We are here for companies that want to own their own IP rather than license it from a university. If you don't mind licensing each new iteration of your technology, then you don't necessarily need another lab.

How many people can use one membership?

We do not limit the number of people per membership, just the amount of space. If you can fit 3 scientists at one lab bench, go for it.

Are there any hidden charges or fees?

No, all of our services and fees can be found here.*

Do you offer an entrepreneurship program or mentorship?

No, Lab Launch does not offer any formal programs, but we do provide ad hoc introductions to our vast network of experts, service providers, and other entrepreneurs.

How long can companies stay at Lab Launch?

This depends on the type of company and their needs. If you are not planning to grow your company beyond a few people and a couple of lab benches, then you might be a long-term client. If you are looking to expand, then between 1.5 and 3 years is probably a good goal to aim for. We don't kick companies out unless you can no longer pay the fees or are harming the community in some way.

Does Lab Launch take equity or any ownership over startups' IP?

No, we do not claim any rights over our clients' equity or IP.