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Atwater Village

The eclectic and diverse community of Atwater Village is now home to turnkey and customizable lab space for growth-stage biotech companies. With an abundance of local amenities and a central location, this space is sure to attract top scientific talent.

Lab Launch-ATX is an 13,000ft² facility for biotech companies in need of scale-up/growth stage space located in Atwater Village. We will provide suites up to 3,100ft² plus operational support.   Our estimated opening will be in 2023.   Sign up below for more information!

  • Turnkey labs

  • Customizable labs with on-site design services

  • Casework, cold storage, and hoods provided

  • Backup Power

  • Support for up to BSL2+

  • Facilities management

  • Operational services: lab waste removal coordination, lab coat cleaning, receiving

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